U.S. media said China intends to push more Chinese characters encoding the future name available she zhuxianduowan

U.S. media said China intends to push more Chinese characters encoding: the future name available shengpizi – Sohu culture channel reference news network October 26th reported that the U.S. media said, looking at the text, they may be on eighteenth Century Jesus saying: "missionary empathy is completely out of love for God, one can endure the pain of learning it." The Chinese have been listening for more than 400 years, and now they’ve decided to do something about it. According to the U.S. "New York Times" website reported on October 25th, this month, the Chinese government plans to launch about 3000 Chinese characters coding. Part of this is the "Chinese character" project, this project will be put before the grand electronic form of 500 thousand character digital. So far, the international standard Unicode has coded 80388 Chinese characters. The project consists of 56 ethnic groups and 100 thousand characters from China written corpus 100 thousand other rare and ancient characters, the project mobilized nearly 30 companies, institutions and universities, is the largest ever government funded digitization project. Reported that these characters in ancient manuscripts have long disgraceful, they will be reborn in the digital media. After the expansion of the Internet, China and people around the world can be more convenient to contact these manuscripts, which will help the spread of Chinese language and culture. Reported that the global information infrastructure to the Western alphabet, caused some difficulties to China, major innovation in the field of modern communication — the Morse code, typewriters and ASCII (American Standard Code for information interchange) encoding standard without a consideration in the use of words. For decades, Chinese scientists have been trying to break the barriers of the letter media. In 1974, Chinese government instructed engineers and mathematicians looking for a way to use the keyboard letters, they eventually configure thousands of keystroke type to tens of thousands of characters in the standard keyboard on the computer. Reported that, for a long time, the Chinese people have always felt that they have advantages in written language. The government of Beijing believes that the richness of the number of characters in Unicode encoding is currently not enough to represent China ancient culture, through the library project, Chinese will unlock their presentation to the treasure house of minority language from the ancient oracle, will be digital. Chinese language and cultural communication in the world by Confucius, etc., is part of Beijing in the past ten years to enhance the soft power strategy, the project will take the font mission into the digital domain. From academic papers to any content of the Twitter message, as long as it can be seen, it will help to expand the coverage of chinese. With more and more Chinese into cyberspace, there will be more people start using it, its status will also be with the visibility increased at the same time, this project can also be a lot of digital Chinese solve a problem — they Chinese digital is not perfect not satisfied. Last year, a Chinese media reported the story of a 10 year old boy. He has an auspicious name, using a "by" and "heaven"".相关的主题文章: