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UK Championship analysis: Northampton win English team B promotion – Sohu Beijing time on August 31st at 2:45 in the morning, England 2016-2017 Championship first lap race, one of the Bei’an Hampton home court against Wycombe wanderers. One track: 10 of their last 4 games played against Bei’an, Northampton wins 4 flat 2 negative, occupy the upper hand. Status: Bei’an is the team Northampton last season Football League Championship, so they won this season in the football league qualification. In the new season of the football league in Bei’an, Northampton became the draw master, the new season season all five league games and a rival tie, even the British Cup matches, they are in the regular time and opponents battle a draw, and sum up the League Cup, Bei’an has seven consecutive games Hampton the game with the opponent battle a draw, the team in such a circle, lest they of the team’s players and fans are dumbfounding. Wycombe wandering for several seasons has been in the football league in the 14-15 season, roll, they had made when Ji Yingyi League fourth, won the League One playoff qualification to participate in the upgrade, but they ended up in the playoff final penalty shootout defeat South Allianz, and missed the football league. In last season’s Football League, they only ranked thirteenth, so far this season, their ranking fell to nineteenth, but experienced at the beginning of the season, after two defeats, Wycombe rovers have slowly adjust the status of the last three games 1 wins 2 flat unbeaten. Analysis of the ball tank handicap: British William Hill company for UEFA to compensate for the combination opened the game is 1.80-3.40-3.60, while the two teams in English football fame are not too big, but still in the side than Bei’an Hampton Ying Wei Kang B than a campaign to a higher grade, so the Gambling company for Bei’an Hampton is also popular, but from the previous season on record, Bei’an Hampton also occupy a relatively large advantage, the game also has the home court advantage and win is the best opportune, Wycombe street should not be a big problem. Color recommended: 3相关的主题文章: