University Campus stray dogs were shot through the stomach with arrows (Figure) steam_api.dll

The university campus is a stray dog with an arrow in the stomach (Figure) China University campus, a stray dog abdomen pierced by an arrow. A trail of blood left on the ground. The stray dog was shot in the abdomen. X slice of abdomen of injured stray dog. Dog in the treatment. Injured dog. Original title: too cruel! The university campus is a stray dog with an arrow in the belly huakeda campus, a stray dog abdomen pierced by an arrow, to keep the blood stains. The morning of August 24th, this picture affects the hearts of hundreds of people, volunteers rushed to the huakeda rhyme Yuan Apartment, finally found the injured dog in a dormitory. "The belly was shot, too cruel." "Has anyone seen this dog?" The same day, many users are forwarding a picture, a picture, a yellow dog abdomen pierced by an arrow, low head on the way to go. It is said that the picture was taken in the morning of the students’ apartment in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Users have to worry about the safety of stray dogs, but also have condemned the behavior of the dog who shot, said the cruelty of this dog is too cruel. Some people say that this is the school security guards to use the arrow to hurt the dog. Wuhan small animal protection association near Optics Valley volunteers and dog lovers arrived at the school, looking for the injured dog. More than 2 o’clock in the afternoon, AFP reporters came to rhyme Yuan Apartment, found the pictures taken in the 8 house door. A dorm staff said that more than 8 o’clock in the morning, she went out to buy food when seeing the dog, its body with the arrow to the slope away, may be hiding. More than the school dorm staff and security, there are many stray dogs in the campus, some students are very loving, often to feed the dog. The security guard and the stray dogs live in peace. They don’t shoot them with arrows. Wuhan small animal protection association responsible person, he had to ask a friend, the dog in the arrow like bow with arrows shooting game player, security dog online preaching and not based on anything. At present, many volunteers are also looking for the injured stray dogs. More than 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the students reflect, the injured dog had to hide in the dormitory 22. Volunteers rushed to stray dogs sent to the pet hospital, surgical treatment of it. Source: AFP   Editor: Zhang Chun SN182相关的主题文章: