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Automobiles If you think warranties are available only with new and latest cars in the market, you are wrong. It might surprise you, but it is a fact that warranties are also available with a number of used cars available in the market. If you devote some time on your search for a car, you will easily find a used car that is available with a warranty and at times also with free services. The used car market has experienced a rapid growth in the recent past throughout the world. Now it is not a difficult task to find a reputed and reliable car sales .pany who is offering a few months old car, which is in good condition and still under the manufacturers warranty, at a price which is 20 to 30% lesser than the original price. If you find a suitable car for your purchase, but are worried as its warranty has expired, you can ask for an extended warranty from the seller. You can also collect information about the other value added services offered by the seller on second hand cars, which can make your deal all the more beneficial. Often the warranties offered on a car .e with certain limitations. It is very essential for you to collect details about the warranty and confirm what all are included and excluded from it, so that you do not feel cheated later on. Do remember to read your papers thoroughly before signing on them and proceeding with the purchase. The warranties available may differ from car to car and at times also from dealer to dealer. For instance, if you are planning to buy a used Subaru, you will find that its warranty is not same with the warranty on some other used car from a different manufacturer. Also, if you make a purchase from a reputed dealer, you might get a better and legally authorised warranty, than one from a local dealer. In order to get the best warranty on a used car, it is always better if you shop more and .pare the warranty offered by two or more reputed car dealers. Also, read the warranty carefully and get all your doubts and confusions cleared at the same time. Make sure you have understood every point mentioned on the warranty before signing on it or making the payment. Especially if you are going for an extended warranty, make sure it will prove useful for you in the course of time and is worth the extra amount you are paying for it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: