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"We" the audience share double shot film positive energy hot – Sohu   entertainment; "we have come to the" audience share double Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "we have come to the" night of August 26th the Chengdu Railway Station continued to broadcast in last week’s show, guests came to the giant panda breeding base, see the adorable cute David, have turned the enthusiastic fans, the panda knowledge quiz is resorted to for giant panda and exhaust all the skills in close contact, on the handsome Zhang Liang special guests also bring you surprise, under the guidance of Zhang Liang, the guests carefully arranged a stunning T big show, high color value guests wearing beautiful gorgeous clothes, bring exquisite visual feast for the audience, whether it is filmed public service announcements to visit the panda base, or fashion show on Makeup design disputes, have led to a large number of enthusiastic audience discussion. The program design is fully fit after 90 appetite for young audiences share once again rose 14.1%, eventually won the national network ratings 1.71, share 5.25% grades, not only at the same time also ranked first, following last week’s Friday night ratings continue to be all the satellite channel in the first and the arrival rate of the first variety show, "we have come to the" combination of traditional culture in the present, and the commonweal project once again demonstrated the sense of Taiwan style and the social responsibility of Hunan satellite TV, get the audience consistent praise. The stars see pandas become many fans sister brother Qi called for the protection of animal energy was like to experience the local culture by watching the program follow the pace of the guests have become "we have come to the" one of the important reasons to attract everyone, after coming to Chengdu, snack delicacy, Sichuan opera face cultural experience, so that everyone is too busy to attend to all, and the panda is not to be missed, a participant in the morning arrived at the base, was in a pink blanket with "panda lying" baby panda attracted. The collective turned many fans sister brother, could not conceal his excitement, want to scream but dare not disturb the panda babies "dream", have to remind each other "a little", "pictures don’t flash", let the audience have mixed feelings, the original stars also have the embodiment of "chasing population" moment, a pious face serious look so cute, giant pandas remarkable charm. After the panda quiz links, guests are used for the giant panda and exhaust all the skills, the opportunity to contact the Carina Lau justice piercing eye turned on, frequently "cheat" Sheenah, Wang Han two people besieged, the atmosphere is very happy, and has many body sister Angie Chiu hear the introduction of "panda keepers can understand the Sichuan dialect", is to offer his Trump debut, together with Sheenah school in Sichuan and the baby panda communication, after some contact, guests not only with such a good opportunity of rare, finally United recorded a full of positive energy to protect wild animal welfare propaganda film also, highlighting the program calls for a public service concept of love, the nature of the rare animal protection. In the last episode, the guests under the guidance of the master of art together to complete a painting, and plans to donate all the proceeds of the auction to charity projects, visit the panda base, and then re incarnation!相关的主题文章: