Wealthy consumption heavily built beautiful garden ended up poor kesiyixiang.



the day before dawn with a hazy sleepy tour? Jianshui ancient town Zhu garden, for this place is not only strange Jianshui do not understand the simple, but unheard of. Yunnan every time I give the impression is very different. It is said that Ling’an is the ancient Jianshui, the small streets of ancient buildings and simple like costume drama within the scene, walking in the stone on the road, every step is here the previous footprint, is not suitable for fly, too much history worth chewing, too many anecdotes to recognize you.

we arrived at the Zhu garden, the day before the light, it was all very depressed tour garden why want to get up early, but when entering this seat such as a dream of Red Mansions in the garden like a big courtyard, all of a sudden into the early morning quiet so that the original elegant courtyard more elegant, layer Diego into the yard well-proportioned is in order, although miss xiulou without a trace of shadows, but lingering fragrance. The whole house building elegant was shocking, not difficult to believe this ancient house personally visit that

in Yunnan borderland

back up family origin of this building to the Ming Dynasty, Zhu ancestors from Hunan Mayang migrated to Yunnan Province, settled in the West Village Dam West Wu, in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty moved to the White House Village, and gave birth to two sons named Zi Qing, also the number of permanent, generation has been running a small silk tea this business for a living.

Zhu Yonghu was born soon, Zhu father died in "hard bandits", since leaving widows and orphans. Fortunately, Zhu Yonghu was gong Lian filial piety, and honest and humble, although the family was poor but also ease. The son of Zhu Yonghu Zhu Guangfu, the family moved to a village and began building Jianshui, home, family ZTE, Zhu Guangfu more involved in tin mining, buy mines, build factories into Yunnan Tin Industry club.

Zhu Yongfu was born, the son of Zhu Chengzhang, the Zhu Chengzao brothers (Zhu Guangfu’s son) and Zhu Zhaochen, Zhu Zhaoying, Zhu Zhaoqiong, nephew of Zhu Zhaojin two generation has entered the career, involved in the officialdom, since business more prosperous, the family business began to open international trade, import and export company, and selling tin products in Yunnan. Zhu is rich in Southern Dynasty, in addition to the total company in Mengzi, and in Hongkong, Kunming, Jianshui, Hanoi set up a branch, which entered its heyday.

Zhu garden at this time began to build, then there is the Zhu money, because the garden design is complex, large scale, so the delay in the completion of the building in half, Zhu Zhaoying was forced to flee overseas due to the Gejiu uprising, until Xuantong years before returning to the hometown, Zhu garden was again built.

but this beautiful garden has not been able to keep the glory of zhu,;