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When autumn wind rises to Wuhan Yangtze river crab crab intercontinental encounter [eleven] – Prince special tourism Sohu "autumn, crab legs itch; chrysanthemum, crab smell" this is a good time to eat crab. In addition to the prince for having heard it many times from the Yangtze River Crab is the people of Jiangcheng can be the first time we enjoy fresh crab. This sauce boiled melon Prince crab, crab meat tender plump, fresh sweet melon, the combination of two plus soy sauce, can lead a person to endless aftertastes. Yue Ge InterContinental Hotel in Wuhan in the restaurant to enjoy a meal, worthy of the name "visual taste double pleasure delicacy". A door to the restaurant layout design of visible and elegant Chinese style, with a view of the river near the window and elegant hall cubicle. Printed menus on the table as if like as invitations sent to you "officially invited distinguished customers please meal", all kinds of drinks have also been available for you on the case for easy selection. Appetizer, soup and dessert is a natural fruit alone. Exquisite collocation Jiangnan three dishes refreshing appetizer, Linzhi duck soup fresh alcohol tonic, after dinner dessert fruit is sweet to the mouth, of course, the taste is very good. Sweet tongue Yi Yoji nectar as top dessert products, walnut cakes with a heat a bite of freshly baked cakes…… All new Cantonese seafood dishes into the local characteristics of fertile Yangtze River with local mandarin fish Ding sauce cooked with spicy wine, goodfriend mussels, Ming Shrimp balls poured in Thai sauce, south red lanterns collocation Roast Suckling Pig salad, all kinds of wonderful creative mix, but unique sense of taste sense of coordination. There are lobster dumplings, beef balls, mushrooms, Steamed Pork Dumplings package and combination of the traditional flavor of Wuhan bamboo fruit snacks, is the color art taste. And the staple food with a bowl of vegetable juice to add flour made of spinach noodles. Does it look like an appetizer? I did not expect Chinese food can bring such a grand and exquisite taste of the dual taste of visual experience. It is a meal as the name.相关的主题文章: