Where to go and where to go

xixilili rain, the temperature dropped, seem to be at home. You want to go on a rainy day happily go out, see friends drink tea, wine and dine around good place for shopping are where? The following small for you to go for a rainy day in Nanning.


] Sisyphus Bookstore

the Mixc is located in the 3 floor of the bookstore, the bookstore Sisyphus contains Park "UP Coffee", "Booartlife best coffee vector creative life hall", "7& 12 children reading lectures and reading experience multiple spatial functional zoning, create a vivid three-dimensional reading environment for readers. In the luxurious avant-garde in studying found a group of people, not surprisingly, there is a bookstore Sisyphus walked in, turned the pages, is another world.

address: Nanning the Mixc

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in the middle of the city, put aside the noise, disturbance. Quietly, read a book that he likes. But did not expect to read at the same time can eat some food? I did not expect to finally come to a Western meal.

address: Guangxi Concert Hall on the third floor of or new dream island West A hall on the third floor

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[district library]

if you feel that there are not enough books in the bookstore and coffee shop and want to concentrate on reading, it is a good choice to go to the library. Guangxi district library also provides free WiFi access to the Internet, there is a need, you can also go to the office with a computer oh.

address: No. 61 National Road

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[Guangxi Museum]

Guangxi museum is the largest museum in Guangxi, the collection of more than 5 pieces of cultural relics, bronze drums of 400, ranking first in the country. Books more than 5 copies. A 76 pieces of cultural relics, the most valuable of the Shang Dynasty and the Western Han Dynasty copper. Copper Shoumian Wen Feng Deng Chinese, commander of the seventh Red Army Department, the Political Department bulletin. The museum also houses Lu Xun at the opening on the eve of send his own copy of the Ming Dynasty poet and painter Xiang Shengmo "big wind map" of the poem.

address: No. 34 national Avenue, Nanning Sina

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[Guangxi National Museum]

in the National Museum exhibition, can enjoy the king of Chinese Tonggu Tonggu Guangxi folk treasures handed down the Beiliu type; see Guangxi twelve native ethnic colorful ethnic customs, ethnic festivals, ethnic costumes and cultural construction etc. characteristics form; directly feel close to Guangxi national precious historical relics of bronze, pottery, porcelain, wood, jade, making glass, lacquer ware and other products.

address: Nanning;