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Who lost contact with the township cadres who? He advised the three village buried until the morning shift Qianjiang Evening News reporter, 57 year old Zhou Genfu is still in the lost contact list. This has been relegated to second tier, do it again a few years to retire the cadre of villages and towns, the landslide is 27 people lost contact list, not only the people. Before the disaster, the whole day, he was running in the village to persuade those who do not want to leave the villagers immediately transferred. Some villagers feel nothing, from the mountains and secretly advised to run home. That day, the old week on the 3 mountain, the last time a person quietly ran up, but it was an accident." A village cadres said. Still keep one second before doing the work, the next second will disappear in the rush of debris flow. The village from eight or nine o’clock in the morning, to 5 in the afternoon lost contact, the more than 8 hours, what is he doing? He has been relegated to second tier could not be rushed in the front line in the northern boundary of the town government, Qianjiang Evening News reporter found Zhou Genfu’s office door, the sign of his job is "mediator" level is the director. The 57 year old Zhou Genfu was very young when he had also worked as mayor, Party Secretary of the town, a lifetime of work at the grassroots level. Suichang County Sanren Township People’s Congress Chairman Ye Xuming once and Zhou Genfu had been colleagues, he said, the old week will work, when leaders in the township, it is their love rushed to the line. "The old week honest face, but do things often gives us a vigorous and resolute, allow all doubt the authority." Su village Party branch secretary Hua Suping said, because the working relationship, she and Zhou Genfu are cooked, usually there are a lot of intersection, "each time the typhoon heavy rain, the old week will come to our village to coordinate the evacuation of the people, his words are authoritative, we are willing to listen to." "He is the old cadres, senior, and relegated to second tier, it can do so every time to do the work of the line. Others to his age, drink tea look at the newspaper, and then wait two years to retire." A local cadre said, he is very real, strong ability, always in front of everything." Four in the afternoon, he ran up the mountain, the results have not come down Su Su Su Village village cadres to see the last time Zhou Genfu, is at noon on the 28. Because of the typhoon is coming, and geological disaster point, the first day, the town and village cadres had begun to do the masses in the Su Village transfer work. Su village is an administrative village, and the destruction of the village is known as the collapse of the collapse (sound altar), in the village of the highest terrain, the nearest mountain. Village back to a geological disaster point, a total of 43 villagers in the village of 143 people, most of the young people go out to work, the village is only the remaining 58 people, and mostly elderly. This time, the final decision is that all the villagers are leaving. "In the past often have never been falling, but what happened, so everyone don’t think what problem, the village people are reluctant to transfer." A village cadres said. On September 28th, 20 township cadres were divided into four groups including Zhou Genfu, arrived at the hillside village to do the work. Originally, this morning the villagers have advised to leave, can be turned around and there were 35 cadres, villagers think so many years are not what happened, but secretly ran home. Colleagues said, 28 day, Zhou root.相关的主题文章: