Wholeness – Most Important Thing Ever! — Part 1-3344111

Spirituality What is wholeness? Being in a state of wholeness means completely free of wound or injury with nothing missing and everything complete, perfect, unbroken, and uncut; perfectly healthy and free of any defect, deformity, mistake or impairment having all its proper parts and components. Another way to describe wholeness is being in a state of undivided oneness or total unity. When someone says one is extremely happy or fulfilled, one could also mean complete and whole or "I am enjoying a state of wholeness." Imagine a love so complete, a state of consciousness so full of joy, a lasting pleasure so native to one’s soul; what grander thing is there than wholeness? If God were not whole, God would not be God. Synonyms for wholeness are completion, entirety, fulfillment, haleness, healthiness, integrity, oneness, perfection, totality, and unity. Whole means all, content, intact, perfect, restored, satisfied, total, unabridged, unbroken, uncut, unhurt, and unmodified. There is nothing more urgent and more important than for everyone in the world to find wholeness, because life should be far more than just a battle for survival. Lasting love and inner joy seem to be the only things that would justify all the tremendous hardships and pains that everyone seems to have to go through. One could say that all the pains, injustices, and other sufferings of the world are because of a lack of wholeness. In contrast is the yogi who sits quietly in breathless samadhi. Why can’t we all be doing this? What can be done to make profound inner satisfaction available to everyone? The quest for wholeness is what drives and motivates everyone. People try to find wholeness either through drugs, in their partners, religion, work, or through some kind of recreational activity. It is a never-ending ongoing process. Life never seems to find it, yet it is clearly the end all and be all of existence. Some of the ways people try to find it are really terrible, while others are not very effective or just temporary. My goal is to create an effective way to a permanent state of fulfillment, wisdom, spiritual freedom and happiness, which, of course is wholeness. Life is always striving for peace, for joy, wisdom, and for at least some kind of satisfaction or sense of accomplishment. Without that sense of happiness, one could suffer from a terrible restlessness or impoverishment of purpose. When searching for God, love or any kind of nourishment, one is either consciously or unconsciously striving to find wholeness which consists of the ultimate fulfillment or highest satisfaction. I believe the ultimate purpose of life is to enjoy the wholeness of being in its fullest expression, spirit, wonder and glory possible. My purpose is to try to guide you closer to the ultimate everlasting fulfillment that I feel we all desperately need so much! Wholeness is real inner joy, a lasting love so profound, so wonderful that miracles happen every day as a result of it. Wholeness is joy, love, prosperity, rejuvenation, spirituality, and fulfillment; wholeness is endless bliss, complete happiness, wisdom, inner beauty, security and abundant health. Wholeness means living a beautiful life in a paradise of lasting joy, pleasure and ecstasy that is freely available for everyone. Restoring natural beauty, improving the quality of life, finding true, permanent freedom and all-fulfilling love is what wholeness is all about. An abundant life of joy, happiness and love is God’s will for you, God never intended otherwise. However, in order for God’s will to be done, you must do God’s will, which is to closely follow and live by the universal laws of life, love and service to others. There could not possibly be anything more important than wholeness. Because life on earth is seemingly filled with so many imperfections, struggles and suffering, the pathways to wholeness (the ultimate natural high) are desperately needed. Narrow-minded materialistic values of lust, desire and greed prevent real emancipation of the spirit. Spiritual solutions of love, wisdom, spiritual marriage, conservation of sensual energy, emotional and sexual transmutation, compassion, etc. need to come first! Immense spiritual potential lies inside all conscious beings. All the world’s pain is caused by lust, attachments, fears and all other desires resulting in a profound sense of separation from God and an "iron curtain" between the physical and spiritual worlds. I am trying to discover and share with you desperately needed ways to bridge all these gaps and separations into an undivided unity or wholeness. My intention is ultimate soul freedom and connection with the spiritual realms and God(dess). The mechanical, materialistic way of separate, isolated ego and sense oriented competitive living must give way to a far more beautiful, more fluid, spiritual, sexually transmuted, transcendental, multidimensional, and holistic way of life that’s fully and dynamically connected to its vital source: nature and God. The old materialistic concepts of mortality, dogmatic fundamentalist religion, separation from God, sin and loneliness are invalid and must yield to a far more beautiful, dynamic and glorious reality of the ever loving Oneness (God) that is the underlying Source of all things in the unified universe. Unless enough people follow the principles of wholeness, civilization as we know it could soon come to an end. For the benefit of all, it is vital that the reality and proof of the existence of higher planes of consciousness (Spirit) and all the sublime, liberating values of this great reality be fully appreciated throughout the world. A universal lack of wisdom, addiction, greed and blind sensuality (instead of love and affection) is causing unsustainable population growth, consumption and materialism. Many delicate ecological systems and climates are being altered, even destroyed by people working against nature instead of working in harmony with nature. The planet seems to be dying: vast numbers of vital plant and animal species are being wiped out. Great wars over diminishing resources may soon devastate huge areas of the planet. In the name of peace, harmony and wisdom, such madness is so absurd and so unnecessary! "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal…" (Matthew 6:19) If only humankind would make the spiritual treasures of wholeness everyone’s main objective instead of perishable materialistic wealth then there would always be enough for everyone and what a better world this would be. Searching outside one’s self for happiness is similar to forgetting that within one’s self there is a 100% secure reservoir of an unlimited spiritual supply of wealth. Instead people are overwhelmed by stress in pursuit of external objects "where moth and rust doth corrupt" sometimes even risking death or severe injury. If any "spoils" are found, they can then only be stored in a place "where thieves break through and steal…" Have faith in the true self, Spirit, God, etc, never in external, material perishables. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: