Why men can not have a hundred days without ginger cosmax

Why men can not have a hundred days without ginger? Whether cooking or steamed fish, seasoning, ginger is definitely on the table a. The spicy taste can go up and smell fishy, can be their own special flavor into the dish, to be the number of sheets of delicious soup, can dispel cold and taste, fragrance. When cooked pig, beef and mutton and all kinds of food together with venison. Do not you see on the table as delicious ginger hot nest chicken, ginger pork, ginger, ginger duck cowpea dishes as small ginger, ginger, ginger, onion ginger, sweet Jiang Zhinai. As the saying goes, "rice is not fragrant, eat ginger." Do not eat sweet appetite decrease or eat a few slices of ginger or put a little ginger in the dish, can improve appetite, increase appetite. Cold, cold as well as some ginger soup, can play a very good prevention and treatment effects. Gastric ulcer, gastritis, enteritis and cold cold can also take the ginger to cold sweating, vomiting and stomach temperature sterilization analgesia. Ginger is the traditional treatment of nausea and vomiting in traditional Chinese medicine, "vomit Shengyao" reputation. Ginger, not only food, it is edible. So, because the magical effect of ginger. Ginger Xin, plays a role in blood, dispelling cold. It is rich in essential oils, which can accelerate blood circulation. Ginger, gingerol, can stimulate gastric secretion, promote intestinal digestive function, excitement. The human body in the normal metabolism of physiological functions, will produce a harmful substance – oxygen free radicals, prompting the body of cancer and aging. Ginger in ginger into the body, can produce a kind of antioxidant, it has a strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals, even more than vitamin E much, therefore, can eat ginger anti aging, the elderly often can eat in addition to "senile plaques". Ginger also contains ginger, can reduce the incidence of gallstones. Folk "go to bed radish ginger" said, not without false. Men can not be a hundred days without ginger, Chinese medicine believes that ginger is to help Yang products, so since ancient times, Chinese medicine has long been known as "men can not be a hundred days without ginger" language. The modern clinical pharmacology study found that ginger has anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and speeding up the body The new supersedes the old. coexcitation human multi system function, but also regulate the function of male prostate, prostate disease in the treatment of senile male sexual dysfunction and, therefore, ginger is often used for male health. Ginger ginger oil and ginger oil ketone containing volatile phenol, promoting blood circulation, dispelling cold and dampness, sweating function especially ginger has choleretic, stomach and vomiting, open fetid and eliminate edema, and beneficial to the recovery of liver disease combined with honey. If men often feel stomach, loss of appetite, can often with fresh ginger, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, and promote digestion. Fresh ginger moist and not hurt the Yin, every cut four or five slices of fresh ginger, the morning drink a cup of warm boiling water, then put ginger slowly in the mouth, let ginger odor in the mouth, spread to the stomach inside and outside nostril. Not only that, ginger into the dish can also cure kidney impotence. The editorial recommendation of a good male healthy diet, easy to cook. Take the male carp 1 tail (about 500 grams), dried ginger, medlar 10 grams. Take the fish (carp belly G male belly white jelly like substance, the male seminal vesicle), add ginger, Chinese wolfberry with fried. Boil, add wine, salt, monosodium glutamate seasoning..相关的主题文章: