Why mobile VR head is becoming the past tense winpm

Why is the head of the mobile VR is becoming a "past tense" (Wen Zhao Zixiao) the world’s most famous VR manufacturers have released a number of products, VR first year has finally been implemented. However, not too long after, VR winter has become a hot topic of venture capital circles, which seems to be only a few months between the time. It is undeniable that, for various reasons, the VR industry is no longer as beautiful as before, the influx of capital in the past is too fierce, but in the short term can not see the return of them quickly into the conservative stage. According to CB Insights data show that the number of global VR investment peaked in 2015 Q4, but the data in the first two quarters of this year is declining. VR industry chain is long, can include links very much, the cause of the outbreak is the technology to can make people full of imagination, at the same time, the United States several investment case that entrepreneurs Chinese saw a new industry inflection point coming. Of course, VR in the industry at the earliest stage, each specific period of experience, there will be new opportunities to replace the products before, in the tide of mobile VR, the first significant has been the beginning of the end of the trail. Caused by the Cardboard Google I O 2014 start-ups, the conference released its virtual Easter eggs — a carton box will be opened, inside people are amazing, this is a VR mobile phone will be inserted after the glasses can be immersive effect. A piece of cardboard, two convex lens, a bandage, so low cost can achieve good effect, and basically no threshold, which also caused the global VR enthusiasts curiosity, but also aroused the interest of entrepreneurs. Three months later, the other side of the ocean storm released the storm mirror generation products, the concept refers to virtual reality, but in fact, the storm mirror generation, and subsequent generations have adopted the idea of Cardboard, just put the cardboard upgrade for plastic, lenses around the sponge increased makes your wearing more comfortable. In a word, the process is improved, but there is no real sense of innovation. Since then, a large number of start-up companies to enter the hardware link, because Chinese supply chain advantage, the solution cost decreased gradually, and the concept of VR is pushed into tuyere, consumers in the virtual reality of cognitive limited, easily misunderstood to be a VR= Cardboard device. The drawbacks of mobile VR is due to the low threshold of the mobile phone box, the concept of VR is becoming more and more mature at the same time, its shortcomings are also exposed step by step. It is well known that Oculus, HTC, and PSVR three are both significantly connected to high performance PC or game consoles to support the operation of multiple sensors inside the PC helmet. The development and performance of the mobile phone is not enough to support mobile VR at the present stage, with Gear VR as an example, Samsung in the head up display under a lot of effort: integration of additional sensors, join the side of the helmet touch area and convenient operation; and in the software part and Oculus cooperation with Samsung, the phone screen, the picture is fine, delay and operation system.相关的主题文章: