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With ten years of business wisdom they comprehend "ingenuity" of such a group of people in the eyes of strangers — they "odd problems"; family in the eyes of their "rebellious; not obedient; friends — they" dull, not gregarious"…… They may only do one thing, the beginning may not be recognized by the secular, but they have a common name, called "builders", their pursuit of the perfect spirit, called "ingenuity". In order to reveal the true meaning of "originality" spirit, we visited three different areas of skilled craftsmen, ten years, they operate with ingenuity of wisdom. Lacquer artist Choga: compared the world without end process I pay more attention to the pursuit of the perfect mind first saw Choga in her painting exhibition, it’s hard to imagine that the little girl had weak intellectual study in Japan over four years of traditional lacquer, and later in Germany for professional design. Now she is committed to the creation of lacquer, trying to get people to slowly learn how to interpret this art.     during his ten years in China, he has only made an exhibition, with an average of only a year of output of two or three works. "In the ten years I made an exhibition, home ten years has been doing work accumulation, eager not to appear, in this process, all the process used in the works, and in every attempt to make the best of".   as Choga said: "only the accumulation of time can withstand grinding out good works". After the reform and opening up, Camry was imported into the country through various channels, became one of the imported models in the most familiar, but until 2006 was officially GAC and TOYOTA joint venture to produce the sixth generation of Camry, from the beginning of this generation of Camry was officially named as the camry. In China fought for ten years in the Camry, now in the domestic car market status is more stable. Go back to their own professional field, Choga told me that the lacquer making requires not only professional knowledge, but also the beauty of sensitive, coherent thinking, grind patience. The most difficult thing in Choga’s work is that even if the layman as I can feel the work itself is not a single cultural background, and the use of techniques to make her art more broad boundaries.   "so I do not entirely on the techniques of inheritance, but to find a new breakthrough, presentation of the face is very modern and diverse, contemporary aesthetic is also very fit." I can see that Choga has found a "breakthrough" for her".   a new generation Camry also found their own "breakthrough", in addition to the appearance of a big change, one of the naturally aspirated engine is equipped with 2.0L displacement point. This new generation Camry gives the most intuitive impression that the "fuel consumption is low. VVT-iW variable valve low fuel consumption due to the Camry timing intelligent wide-angle technology, to achieve the Atkinson cycle and Alto cycle seamless handoff, is simply better fuel economy. Of course, TOYOTA’s latest D-4S fuel injection technology (intake manifold injection and direct injection in the cylinder) on the same performance of fuel consumption相关的主题文章: