Women and sister open room records show that derailed her husband wants a divorce christie stevens

The woman and her sister open house records show it derailed her husband for divorce original title: woman with sister open house records show the "derailed" to divorce her husband a a strange combination of circumstances of the open house records, her marriage to the volcano. In October 1st this year, the 33 year old woman in Dalian, Jiangsu Province, with her cousin and cousin to travel to Anshan. Check Inn Hotel, the sisters were arranged to live together. Not expected, the hotel occupancy records show that the night is a man with a strange man in a room. The husband thought that his wife and the man "derailed" angrily raised the request for divorce. In this regard, the rain is not only grievances and puzzled, living with obviously is a sister, how to become a man? Open house records on her sister into a man Su rain is Dalian people, 33 years old this year. Before the national day, she and her cousin Zhou Na in the city a travel agency to participate in the two day tour in Anshan, Benxi. October 1st, Su Yu and Zhou Na arrived in Anshan with the group, the night of the Oriente Hotel in Anshan, the sisters were arranged to live in a room with the. After visiting Anshan, the two went to Benxi in October 2nd and returned to Dalian. Su rain did not expect that, after returning to Dalian shortly after her husband took a paper open house records to find her, questioned why she derailed with men in Anshan. Her husband provided the open house records show that in the evening of October 1st, Su Yu is a man surnamed AI live together. "It’s definitely not. That night, with my sister!" Sue rain feel the information provided by her husband is wrong. You can have open house records, the husband doesn’t believe her story, two people noisy noisy and scuffle. Husband questioned his wife derailed her husband to divorce her husband to check the open house records? Su Yu explained that after she and her husband make a little weird, the travel is to relax. Su rain out, her husband may not be assured, so just check the open house records. Then, Jiudiankaifang information as the husband like that? Su rain also conducted a query, the results let her silly eye: that night, she is really a room with the man named ai. In other words, open room records show that she is derailed. "It was a contradiction, this thing, my husband and I must not divorce." Su rain said, she is now "jump into the Yellow River also wash not clear". She worried that if her husband to open the hotel room records as evidence of divorce, may have an adverse impact on the verdict. In order to prove their innocence, Su rain provides the night she and her cousin Zhou Na in the hotel room when the coexistence of video. In this regard, Zhou Na told reporters that she did live with her cousin that night, and the name of the man is the same group of tourists, and AI is a three out of tourism, how to live together with her cousin. "It’s amazing how such a thing happened." Wonderful open house records who? So, what is the problem? By the travel agency issued a "Check Inn Hotel", the tour guide Wang said, in the evening of October 1st, the tour group of 31 people in Anshan Green Oriente Hotel. After arriving at the hotel, by Wang housing, will Suyu and Zhou Na admitted in a room, and Ai Moukai相关的主题文章: