Wu Jiang, Cui Guomin keel century for the mystery revealed zuczug

Wu Jiang, "Cui Guomin" reveals the mystery: keel [Abstract] looking for the reason why the name "century" which is a keel, because Beijing geological site called Longgushan, so Beijing skulls also known to exhibit keel; second China several generation geologists and people looking for protection and exhibited by mining in the process of keel spirit in the skull. "Wu Jiang and Cui Guomin keel" Beijing Yanshan publishing house in 1941 the outbreak of the Pacific War, "Beijing fossil skulls" lost in the war, from then on, people began to find to extremely hard and bitter, contemporary, is still missing. Wu Jiang and Cui national accumulated over 32 years of accumulation of power, in July 2016 launched a lengthy lengthy documentary novel "next words" to fill this keel, historical literature blank description. Not only to restore the archaeological discovery of the historical scene, but also reveals the Beijing skull cover unearthed in the past life. Mr. Cui Guomin served as the "Beijing skulls" for director of committee, Wu Jiang of "Beijing skulls" loss event witness — the famous archaeologist Jia Lanpo lasted 18 years of follow-up interview. The two authors are the promoters and participants of the event, and thus have a strong "Beijing man" complex. They play with the conscious mission, devotion to writing, with amazing perseverance, climbing three "mountain", namely: the scene and the search of the mountain, historical data search, accumulation and sorting of the mountain, into the situation, accurate description of the mountain, is a hundred-percent "in the field" writing. The text is informative, vivid, attractive, and can be worthy of trust. The novel is named "keel", first, because Beijing people are the site of history called Longgushan, so Beijing skulls also known as "keel"; second, it is implied that the writing of the novel, not only to see what people, to show Chinese several generation geologists and people in the skull mining, protection and for showing in the process of firm and indomitable and fought and never give up the struggle will, national integrity and patriotism, the spirit of keel. "Keel" is divided into upper and lower two volumes, a total of 30 chapters. In 1900 the first discovery of gengzi incident, "keel" (Oracle) of the scholar Wang Yirong was killed for the opening, launched a Chinese archaeological documentary Centennial picture. In 30s, in Beijing Zhoukoudian mountain, China archaeologist He Qinhua foreign archaeologists in friendly cooperation, twists and turns, finally dig out the Beijing site and Beijing skulls, which proves that Beijing Zhoukoudian is one of the cradles of human civilization, and the China archaeological work into the international vision, came to the forefront of the world. After that, Japan and Western powers coveted the heart of steep rise, continue to head cover bone out of the claws, and finally with the Japanese invasion war broke out, five pieces of precious "Beijing skulls" in the Pacific Ocean on the mysterious disappearance. In this process, the author describes both P, surge high and sweep forward records in the archaeological discoveries, the mentality of several generations of China archaeologists undaunted courage to struggle, eventually resulting, also recorded in order to defend the national precious historical relics, the patriotic China, courageously defend the refuse to be cowed or submit)相关的主题文章: