Wuhan Junior for example shoot network drama new fangpian – to remind the public channel 9c8950

Wuhan Junior case shoot network drama remind new fangpian – public channel new fangpian skit reminds: strangers to the dormitory fee required caution alert reminder: new fangpian skit crooks posing as the teacher of new mobile phone news August 28th, posing as a counselor to sell new dormitory and collect fees, posing as the teacher in the classroom late new mobile phone…… Near September, freshmen will report, Wuhan Wenhua Junior self Zhang Hao shot a series of "new fangpian" video network drama, remind new mentees and parents to raise awareness, not easily deceived, avoid unnecessary losses. "During the new year and military training, instructors to cheat posing as freshman dorm selling, charge, and beginning to university students who lack of social experience, plus the tutors are not familiar, easy." In the first case, new fangpian skits remind students that strangers to the dormitory fees need to be cautious, "a real teacher is not by any means directly for personal belongings". At the same time, guard against various door-to-door selling phone cards, shopping cards, card, card, some scammers will use fake cards or copy the card by the new. Many students don’t know, "as the teacher" is a common way of crooks. "In the new evening self-study class, liar fake school leaders and teachers, students to seriously study the confiscation of mobile phone on the grounds, was guilty of the newborn, it is easy to be deceived." In the second case, new fangpian skits remind students must pay attention, if you encounter a similar situation, must first get in touch with their tutors, beware of being cheated. "Mini series by former new report real deception case adaptation, each with a more relaxed and humorous about different topics, finally to remind the school teacher told the end, the purpose is to let students be vigilant, do not let the crooks have an opportunity." Mini series director Zhang Hao students told reporters, from August 20th began filming, less than a week, has been published online in two sets, then the "part-time" fraud "fraud" fraud information "driving" and several other theme skits being shot in the production of all the "new fangpian" will be completed at the end of the new military training. Before. Wenhua College of Humanities and Social Sciences, science and Industry Office Director Sun Guoyang introduced "new fangpian" drama by the students play, can play a better role model in freshmen. He also reminded the majority of new students: pay attention to manage their documents, valuables, taxi to take less attention to the black car; beware of bank card fraud, mobile phone fraud, do careful cautious agency, pay attention to "upgraded" authenticity; alert too "enthusiastic" Shixiongshijie, vigilance "peer classmates" at the same time, alert information in the campus network forum. Source: Sports Network相关的主题文章: