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Wuhu: build a "firewall" in   create a fire safety community – Anhui channel — people.com.cn reporter learned from Wuhu city fire brigade, to strengthen fire prevention and control work in winter and spring, to ensure fire safety situation remained stable, the Municipal Public Security Bureau decided to carry out this winter and spring fire prevention and control work within the city, the event will continue to at the end of March 2017. During this period, the city will carry out activities to create community fire safety ", and comprehensively promote micro fire station construction, to further promote the electrical fire prevention special rectification, full remediation major fire hazards, to major events and important festivals in the fire security work, and organizations to carry out targeted special rectification actions. At present, the county public security fire department is jointly with the civil affairs, safety supervision department, to carry out "create fire safety community" activities. Activity requirements, each resident community, residential building courtyard to achieve fire responsibility implementation, routine fire inspection, check in place. Evacuation staircases, passageways, safety exits and fire Lane keep smooth, safe evacuation channel, cable well, Guan Daojing and other public areas, the meter box shall not pile combustible, all kinds of shaft fire prevention plugging is in place. Public areas shall receive chaos to pull the electrical wiring, evacuation stairs, walkways, not illegal parking and charging electric vehicles, electric bicycles to strictly implement the safety management of electrical power. Fire hydrant, fire automatic alarm, automatic fire extinguishing facilities and other regular maintenance and maintenance of good and effective, fire control room strictly implement the duty system, duty personnel on duty and certification. The community should have periodically carry out fire propaganda into the community activities, give full play to the community fire protection publicity ambassador, organize residents to carry out fire evacuation and fire drills and fire safety publicity activities, the community publicity column, publicity windows and building fire safety knowledge propaganda video regularly. The community should improve the mini fire station, and every residential area with management and property services should set up a miniature fire station. Combined with the on duty arrangement, it is clear that no less than 3 special (or part-time) firefighters are on duty in each shift, ensuring 24 hours’ duty, especially to strengthen the night fire inspection. Equipped with the necessary fire equipment, to carry out the necessary centralized training for part-time athletes, to deal with the initial fire, skilled use of fire equipment, guide personnel safety evacuation, once the fire, do "1 minutes response, 3 minutes to the scene" disposal". (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei) 芜湖:筑牢冬春“防火墙” 创建消防安全社区–安徽频道–人民网   记者从芜湖市消防支队获悉,为切实加强今冬明春火灾防控工作,确保消防安全形势持续稳定,市公安局决定在全市范围内集中开展今冬明春火灾防控工作,该活动将持续至2017年3月底。   在此期间,我市将开展“创建消防安全社区”活动,全面推进微型消防站建设,深入推进电气火灾防范专项整治,全力整治重大火灾隐患,做好重大活动和重要节日消防安保工作,并将组织开展针对性的专项整治行动。   目前,我市各县区公安消防部门,正联合民政、安监部门,开展“创建消防安全社区”活动。活动要求,每个居民社区、居民楼院实现消防责任落实,日常防火巡查、检查到位。疏散楼梯间、通道、安全出口以及消防车道保持畅通,安全疏散通道、电缆井、管道井等公共区域,电表箱处不得堆放可燃杂物,各类竖井防火封堵严密到位。   公共区域不得乱接乱拉电气线路,疏散楼梯间、走道,不得违规停放电动车及充电,电动自行车棚要严格落实用电安全管理。消火栓、火灾自动报警、自动灭火等消防设施定期维护保养并保持完好有效,消防控制室严格落实值班制度,值班人员在岗在位并持证上岗。   社区要有阶段性地开展消防宣传进社区活动,充分发挥社区消防宣传大使作用,组织居民开展灭火疏散逃生等消防演练及消防安全入户宣传活动,利用社区宣传栏、宣传橱窗以及楼宇视频定期宣传消防安全常识。   社区要健全微型消防站,每个设有管理部门、物业服务的居民住宅区,要建立微型消防站。结合值班安排,明确每班次不少于3名专(兼)职消防队员在岗在位,保证24小时值班,尤其是要加强夜间防火巡查。配备必要的消防器材,对专兼职队员开展必要的集中训练,达到会处置初起火灾、熟练使用消防器材、引导人员安全疏散,一旦发生火灾,做到“1分钟响应、3分钟到场处置”。 (责编:刘颖、张磊)相关的主题文章: