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Magical landscape – autumn in Wulong encounter hundreds of millions of years of forging Sohu tourism has the peculiar natural landscape has a strong yearning for, not in the domestic or foreign travel love looking for some unusual topography, the first Wulong tiankengdefeng is in the network travels, the amazing natural hand made so beautiful magic matisse. So I have been thinking of the beautiful Karst. In the autumn of October, suddenly received notice of this year’s "5A model of gold footprint summit" held in Wulong, and was invited to KOL as Sina Susu, happiness always come too suddenly! From Guangdong is still hot to have a winter Chongqing Wulong fast handover, at Chongqin Jiangbei Airport and Chongqing Sina and other small counterparts travel Master after confluence, on a tour bus into Wulong the misty fairy hill. The bus to walk more than three hours in the winding mountain road, has reached the fairy mountain at night, early morning flights and the number of hours by car to reach the body and mind are tired. Get off after a breath of air from the clouds instantly full of blood resurrection. Winbond non-material Heritage Hotel fairy mountain Winbond hotel is the first non-material Heritage Hotel, hotel is located in the mountains, clouds in the surrounding reach, such as wide cold. Because it was late, the surrounding scenery is invisible, but the fine decoration room is joy, greeting guests gifts and handwriting on the desktop is so close, so that the cold and warm moment. One fairy Hill Hotel and the like, gently push the door out of the balcony, negative ion mountain will be blowing, the fresh air returning people refreshed. Alpine Grassland in the morning, sitting in a small train arrived in the vicinity of the hotel is located in the alpine grassland, feel the back of the Alps in Switzerland, triangle spire cabin, low Lialiasansan trees, Bi Yin grass also hung Zhulu, beautiful day will begin here. As the fairy tale world let a person as if in a dream, the wizard of Oz journey began. The most beautiful fairy mountain road the original road, always feel some unworthy of its good roads, such as the ribbon like twists in Bi thousand miles on the prairie stretches to the horizon, and it makes people unable to restrain the emotions close to embrace. Inhibition of buddies do not live in this beautiful and gentle way of posing, excitement unspeakable. Fairy mountain snow fairy mountain city of Syracuse in the fairy tale like ice ice castle, a riot of colours of the ice attracts attention long time shift does not open, forget the cold, ski the joy and laughter can be heard without end. In this cold fortress, with beautiful autumn in a world of ice and snow to bridge natural bridge refers to the Denon bridge, Tsing Lung Bridge, dragon bridge, three by millions of years of natural and stone formation group Tiankeng amazing world. A complex landscape shapes, each bridge has a unique patron in prehistoric origin since silently guarding the three world heritage, they are elephants, eagles, and ape for stone and bridge has been. "Dragon bridge bottom curse of the Golden Flower" in Tianfu Guan Yi where is the natural bridge, take the elevator slowly from the deep cliffs, looking up at the sky M相关的主题文章: