Wuxi is now a large area of a new burst of concrete mixed with steel-zhongguorentiyishu

Wuxi, a new real estate is now a large area of concrete burst into the steel slag finally arrived at the moment, however, Wuxi, a real estate owners in the hands of the hands of the key, but the heart can not get up. Recently, many owners of the British Yixing mansion to surging news complained that they got a room at the end of June this year, but began renovation generally appear after a large area burst phenomenon, the roof becomes bumpy. For the housing burst problem, the open business to be recognized. They put forward, will be in accordance with the relevant approach to solve the problem in place. However, the owners do not recognize the maintenance program, asked to check out. Cheng on 2014 in the sale of Building 5 to buy a suite, the price of about $6000 per square meter. In June 28th this year, he got the key to the house, did not see what the problem with the house. "At the beginning of July my home renovation began, with more than ten days, the roof began to burst," Mr Cheng told the surging news reporter, at first he thought it was the paint of the wall bulging, but also reflect the downstairs tenants appeared in the same situation. Mr. Duan home also in building 5. "My home is at the end of July began renovation, beginning in August found that the roof began to burst." Mr. Duan said that now there are about fifty or sixty points on the roof of his home burst, the burst of concrete mixed with red and black powder. Mr. Duan’s home is not the most serious. According to its introduction, they have some buildings on the roof of the house as many as two hundred or three hundred burst points. According to public information, Yixing municipal government official website of EIA documents, the mansion is the developer of commercial real estate (Group) Yixing Mingfeng Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Fung home). The afternoon of September 18th, surging news reporter repeatedly call and SMS Ming Fung Real estate general manager Jin Jianyong, deputy general manager Hu Ye, was no reply. Surging news reporter from the owners to provide a seal to all "Mingfeng home owners see the book", in August 26th this year, Fung home issued a statement saying that the investigation, the mansion block S3, S4 A and other ten residential buildings with concrete mixed with steel slag. After the expert group sampling inspection, checking, after the corresponding rectification, real estate in June 23rd this year, through the completion of acceptance. The above report to all owners of the book also said that the steel slag explosion point is a general quality defects, the company will be strictly in accordance with the treatment approach to deal with, and maintenance in place. At the beginning of September, Ming Fung home deputy general manager Hu Ye told the Jiangsu public news channel "news 360" interview when he said that the chemical composition of steel slag concrete complex, chemical reaction occurs easily in water, resulting in concrete expansion, burst. Hu Ye said that after the outbreak of the problem, they invited experts to set up a panel of experts. On the issue of the incorporation of steel slag, the expert group’s opinion is that the entire structure of the project no problem. The mansion many owners said they did not accept the maintenance program developers proposed, but check out the requirements. "Completed to crack, crack up and repair, who has the time and they (developers) consumption?" Yixing construction quality supervision station, deputy director Cheng Bing told surging news reporter, at present, they are taking the lead in the quality of someone’s residential buildings identified, the relevant identification program is being developed. For the owners of the check-out requirements, Cheng Bing said, according to the relevant provisions.相关的主题文章: