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Xiamen Wen Qing love light tea fan to win to aftertaste for a Sohu and often at the Tea Cafe friends and me, whether it is coffee or tea is always quite much feeling. It is obvious that nagging old noisy environment in the teahouse has declined. Here in the quiet and pleasant environment, full of tea, soft decoration, fashion people find the long lost Yi jing. Here is no longer the traditional heavy tea culture but a light tea tea. And this will be similar to the friends of tea will become a way of life Black Tea sweet and mellow aroma; Meizhan overbearing; white tea cool detoxification. If you do not drink tea, coffee shops and that there are several optional dessert cake for tea with coffee. Taste and color are Amway. Don’t worry will make tea, tea here, clean and healthy, global method is simple, a pot of boiling water, a simple travel cup fix. So one afternoon or evening, sitting opposite of interesting friends, every cup of tea can drink a different kind of taste. The boss said: in order to find a place to drink tea, more young gathering place, there will be OtherTea! Address: No. 48 North navigation exhibition shop 107 (near the Strait international community four Gate No. 10) for business salon, friends name: OtherTea light room: 40 yuan per capita characteristics: light tea and tea and Coffee Exhibition address: No. 48 North Road 107 (International Strait 4 stores) Tel: 0592-5916561相关的主题文章: