Xianyang ocean with intentions will bring blessings to go home

the afternoon of January 21st, on the last weekend before the arrival of the Lunar New Year chicken, 2017 Xianyang ocean "hard to accompany and warmest wishes for the new year," held in Xianyang Ocean Spring Resort Spa world. Activities invited more than a dozen mainstream media in Shaanxi, more than a hundred guests arrived at the scene, playing the melody of the new year, send sincere blessings for the new year.

interactive game director Zhu Yufei award ocean hotspring New Year’s speech. JPG foreign dancers perform the "chicken chicken" hand in hand with the happiness of the game to fly the new year’s blessing of the paper plane to write new year blessings

activities in addition to the scene is full of exotic dance performances, surprise prizes, online and offline interactive experience forms. Focusing on the theme of "warm heart", in the activities of the content, see more happy new year blessings. 2008 opening date of Xianyang ocean, to accompany their borrowing activities held together through 8 years of users, expressed sincere thanks, and advocate people less entertainment during the New Year holiday period, the more carefully, to accompany you care about people.

Xianyang ocean hot spring resort, located in China first named by the state geothermal City — Xianyang City geothermal disc core zone. As the domestic large-scale hot spring leisure health resort center. Left the impression that more is the largest in the northwest of the indoor water paradise, Shaanxi is the most suitable for home spa resort, the treasure of the Chinese spring". In these roles, thanks to the user’s approval, Xianyang Tourism Commodities Fair "in Shaanxi Province won the most popular Award" hot spring tourism demonstration unit. In obtaining the user praise at the same time, as a hot spring in Shaanxi province industry leader, Xianyang ocean care project by actively participating in public welfare activities, practicing corporate social responsibility, user feedback trust.

is currently the northwest ocean ocean the largest indoor water park

2017 world ocean hotspring will add more suitable for family visit hot springs water products, which is worth looking forward to building a fun area renovation river rafting on the third floor of the building of children’s children, fun play room, will be the highlight of this year Haiquanwan product updates.

During the Spring Festival in

ocean also carefully prepared for everyone "ocean spring festival seven days" series of theme activities with prizes. The lion dance on New Year’s day; the second to the sixth balloon Master, bubble bath, fun, European style dancer splashing carnival parade, I was a winner and other programs will be Xianyang ocean hot spring world presented to us in the New Year gift during the spring festival.

is more and more close to the pace of the new year, Chinese new year, the memory of the ticket is the outside world, and now the ticket is the pace of home; once the parents of red envelopes, now give red envelopes to their parents; when you play with lanterns and partners, is now decades old; see time is not long, but year after year. New year’s day, a festival that originally belonged to the gathering and blessing, let us have some heart.