Xiongben go! Along with the minister to visit Xiongben, the official website of the line bear gas!




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I know you must be king of choice for the Secretary, it must meet you (who let me too idiotic powder ~).

want to ask where to find cool MA Meng Meng, Minister of Xiongben is the headquarters of the cool cool Ma office. On the weekends, also can meet the minister in MA square to cool one adorable interactive exchange with Tiaocao and we can refer to the detailed schedule website oh.

if you also like to drink a little wine, you can not miss KUMA, you ask me why? Go to the official website to find the answer ~


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Xiongben is the center of Kyushu, either to Kagoshima or Fukuoka are super convenient. And to Kyushu, naturally can not miss the Japanese recognized the most artistic feelings Kyushu train. Whether it is a steam train "retro style SL Ji", or "ASO boy full of innocence", surprise and happiness may be on a journey the best evaluation ~

each train has its own unique features, this is the enduring popularity of the secret, and warm service and a warm atmosphere, is to let people again and again, unable to restrain the emotions of moving slowly on this train, eternal reason.

if the short distance may be able to encounter the super Meng Meng Meng MA taxi, open the trunk, perhaps the minister is waiting to give you a surprise! Details can also poke official website to understand ~


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said the line, how can not say to eat it, one of the food can not be missed in Japan, it is ramen! To Kyushu, it is necessary to taste the famous Xiongben ramen. What is Xiongben spicy noodles? Based on tonkotsu plus a chicken bone soup boil thick system at the end of the hard, medium noodles, the most distinctive is the soup with sesame oil and fried garlic, lead a person to endless aftertastes. We are in the official website to give you a selection of a lot of ramen shop, but also kind to give a score (praise me!) Small partners want to do the Raiders, the site has detailed information oh.

addition, or fashion;