Yang Wang new sports symbol, Guo Chuan-yuanmu

Yang Wang: new sports symbol Guo Chuan Qingdao people have a habit of logging. If you continue, his log may be this time: November 3rd, the region: the Pacific Ocean, 900 km west of Hawaii sea area, direction: Southwest of the south, wind speed: 25, 26. Destination: Shanghai. A man driving three galleon spray walk, finally to the vast Pacific experience. At the moment the water temperature of 25 degrees, the external noise and the noise like fall into the funnel, all bustling disappear like a mirage. The sea, I finally embrace you. …… Please forgive me so hypocritical words to write this log does not exist. Only in this way can I express my admiration for the captain, as well as the pursuit of his spiritual path. At the moment, my mind, he is young with a fluffy messy hair, dark skin, in the sun with a gentle tone to recite the "sea, sea and sea": "I also don’t know what is the sea, standing barefoot on the beach, anxiously waiting for the dawn." But we are all waiting for your return. I and Guo Sichuan several contacts, there is a scene in CCTV sports activities are also influential man, in an interview with the specific step of the event. Frankly, it is absolutely a forgettable image: slightly vicissitudes of life but resolute face, clear eyes, the answer seems to suggest to you in a leisurely manner in silence, his heart is how transparent, rich. He also invited us to visit his cabin, a variety of power switches, GPS navigation and positioning, satellite phones and SOS equipment, etc.. The captain said, good luck offshore, search and rescue personnel can soon. If you’re in the middle of the ocean, you have to stick to it for a few days." In the years of sailing career, his dream is always accompanied by fear and death: Volvo global sailing on nine months of depression and fear; the North Pacific, 40 hurricanes, ink clouds, waves of five meters outside the ship all the nerve oppression of the Arctic Ocean; extremely cold, ice, fog and logs, navigation as if afraid death channel; south of Cape Horn, sea Everest, buried over 20000 sea cemetery…… But this time, he really could be forever soul of the sea. There’s a social circle questioning his seafaring behavior. In the opinion of the opposition, is it worth the risk of life – threatening behavior of this individual sailing ship? Why do you take such an adventure in an era that has been so much more convenient than sailing? Is it the resources and manpower expended in direct proportion to its harvest or value? His departure, whether to constitute a kind of irresponsible and hurt? I can’t give a clear account of these ideas, because it involves different value choices, as well as complex ethics and values. I wonder if he will be placed in the whole social culture, value judgment and the international environment, perhaps from a broader perspective to examine its value and significance. The thickness of life – in the eyes of the people, to give up the relative abundance of life and relatively successful career, and the pursuit of a high risk of free life, which is not相关的主题文章: