Yao Ming playing golf does not forget to care about the national foot Lippi really can help Chinese -cancam

Yao Ming playing golf does not forget to care about the national foot: Lippi really can help Chinese football? Yao Ming Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 23rd news. Lippi became the coach of the country is undoubtedly the most interesting news. Even playing golf at Guanlanhu star game stars, are very interested in it, which includes Yao Ming. On Sunday the Haikou Mission Hills Golf Course, Douglas Yao Ming and Oscar winner Michael, and South Africa 81 years old legend Golf legend Gary – Pryor group. In the fourteenth hole green beside the rest pavilion next to, as the waiting group before players kick, the ball sits on the car with Yao Ming in Shanghai, chatting with friends from China football xuanshuai. "Do you think Lippi can help Chinese football?" The little giant asked, "now it’s all about it." Who knows, the Chinese football, no one can say clearly……" Replied the friend. A day earlier, also came to Haikou team before the Liverpool team of the legendary striker Robbie Fowler, also talked about the Chinese football Xuanshuai in an interview. "Lippi is a very talented coach who is good at discovering and exploiting the potential and talent of football players. I believe that under his guidance, the Chinese national football team will certainly develop."相关的主题文章: