You can rely on your taste to conquer it, but put together the festival culture –

You can rely on your taste to conquer it, but put together the festival culture – tourism Sohu

is generally a long history of the ancient city, has a unique food culture, Beijing, Xi’an, Kaifeng is also true. Kaifeng snacks, snacks can be more than the night market, and gradually formed a unique night market culture. Just ask a native where to eat snacks, he may recommend Gulou west division this night for you, everyone has their own love of the night and snack bar, of course there is a better indoor environment delicacy street, such as song Royal Street in the city on the river street.

recently this time, the evening of Kaifeng more beautiful than the day. January 20th -2 month 20 days are held the Lantern Festival opening song, if you are lucky enough to go to the park pavilion, Tianbo Yang Fu, Tower Park, any part of the ancient city wall and the moat song will revel in the magnificent, the lantern, as if returned to Tokyo Bianliang bustling thousands of years ago, this is one of the it focused on creating the festival culture.

traditional culture return to daily life, since the Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng has a thousand years of the lantern festival culture, has a long history and far-reaching impact. Description of the Lantern Festival poetry too many to count, the most representative is Xin Qiji’s first "Qing Yu An:" spend the night of dongfeng. More trees, stars like rain. BMW carving. To Kaifeng to see, you know what Xin Qiji said.

beauty intoxicated with the eyes, but also need to conquer the taste buds. Longting park south gate over 100 meters distance, song Royal Street of the city on the river street is my favorite. Kaifeng snacks, you can count out a few? Steamed chicken, soup dumplings, almond tea, fried jelly, sweet potato mud…

as early as one thousand years ago in the Northern Song Dynasty, it is in the soup dumplings snacks. Wang Lou and cave, known as the "Tokyo plum bun" Kaifeng first". Today, soup dumplings opened throughout the famous restaurant high streets and back lanes, but still have to wait to taste.

"put down like a chrysanthemum, like a lantern lift, Kaifeng soup wrapping thin delicious, sweet and juicy, fillings are rich, if you think the soup dumplings to eat meat stuffing too greasy, not a vegetable dish stuffing dumplings.

in the opening of the table, there will always be a special dish, chicken. Chicken and it is boiled salted duck and Nanjing. General tourists first heard "chicken" this name, will naturally think of "Spring Chicken", this is a mistake. Chicken is because of its beauty, such as full circle hollow barrel shape and come.

native chicken eat, eat is a feeling. With 2-3 years of hen, cooked in a hundred years old in meateviscerate, slice, is different from the ordinary chicken made of exquisite delicacy soft rotten, chicken is very crisp. Eat chicken to taste, the more chewing the more fragrant, aged aroma deeply into the soup in the chicken.