You need to know this before the cruise!

South Korea cruise line in recent years or more fire, but also more convenient, do not need a visa, no complicated formalities, can be said to be said to go easy travel to go, but there are some problems we still want to know and not too clear, such as carrying goods, transportation, cruise consumption, Internet access, whether seasick so, next, small series are one doubts, after all, just last month, South Korea cruise tour, although last year, ha ha, but the impression is profound, do a lot of homework.


cruise No.

1 carry items


more than 6 months validity passport, this is the most important, or you won’t pass the customs, a country should be clear, but also bring two copies of a copy of the passport page, after boarding the ship will charge the original, shore excursions is also needed to carry a copy of the passport, especially devoted to foreign countries to buy buy more tourists can not forget, to show the tax.

: credit card (Yin Lian), foreign currency allowance, product confirmation need to carry foreign currency allowance sightseeing shopping dining still need some restaurants, canteen does not brush Yin Lian card.


most cruise with seasickness medicine, can also carry to prepare to listen to others to say before possible period of want or need, the ship is very stable, as well as on land, not seasick, I believe that, indeed, if God would, gentle words do not seasick sea, but the sea is not happy, sea waves large, upside down, simply can not walk like a halo, my sister and I was dizzy, lying in bed for two days, ha ha.

: cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, a reference to carry.


recommended to carry a dress, there will be need to attend the gala dinner activities dress. The other is when the season clothes, as I travel when it is winter, with winter coat, cruise inside air conditioning pretty enough, in spring and autumn, but to go sightseeing cruise deck would be a bit cold, still need to wear winter clothes. In addition, look at the season can be prepared swimsuit, open-air swimming pool, reference to carry. The sea cruise provide toiletries and disposable slippers.

other debris

gear, universal adapter, skin care products, sunscreen, chargers and other electronic products to choose whether or not to carry.

PS: prohibited goods aboard cruise passengers will Tianhai prohibited various types of food and beverage on board, including meat, poultry, fruits, all kinds of canned and boxed food, sealed carbonated drinks, mineral water, tea, milk, yogurt, wine etc.. If a passenger with a baby is allowed to carry;