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Yueyang Tower will probably be "managed" controversial local responded that not sell – Beijing, JINGWAH Times News (reporter Feng Huamei) recently, Hunan Province, Yueyang municipal government net exposure in the name "cooperative management", the Yueyang Tower scenic area by the Yunnan City Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunnan City Investment Company) business. For a period of 40 years. In November 16th, the Yueyang Municipal Tourism Foreign Affairs Office to respond, to promote tourism development, Yueyang municipal government commissioned the Yueyang Tower scenic zone with partners to set up the company management will not sell Yueyang Tower. Recently, the network transmission Yueyang city people in the Yueyang Tower scenic area with "national key cultural relics protection unit to pay business is illegal" and "Yueyang people’s ability to manage the Yueyang Tower scenic area" banner, against the Yueyang municipal government to Yueyang Tower scenic area to the Yunnan city investment company business cooperation. Reporters at the Yueyang municipal government website, November 16, 2015, the Yueyang municipal government issued the "Hunan city of Yueyang province tourism attractions management rights transfer Investment Notice", in Yueyang city of Junshan Island Scenic Area Management (including reeds), Junshan wild lotus world scenic two key tourist attractions management rights for the public investment. Tender information stated in the mode of operation and preferential policies is that the government has the right to manage scenic spots, the right to approve the planning and cultural relics protection, according to the law to grant permission to operate the franchise project for 40 years. In August 19, 2016, the Yueyang municipal government and Yunnan City Investment Company Tourism Development Conference held in cooperation, cooperation between the two sides on the island of Junshan, Yueyang City, Yueyang Tower and affiliated tuanhu Lake ancient city tourism development issues. On the evening of 16, Yueyang City Tourism Foreign Affairs Office reply reporter, recently, online in Yueyang city and Yunnan city investment company to develop the Yueyang Tower island of Junshan 5A level scenic spots. In this regard, the Yueyang Municipal Tourism There were many discussions., foreign affairs office said, in view of present situation of the tourism development of Yueyang City, the municipal government to consider the introduction of external strategic partners. In accordance with the law and regulations, according to the basic principle of mutual benefit and win-win, municipal government commissioned the Yueyang Tower scenic zone with partners to set up the company management, neither will the Yueyang Tower sell, nor on the area of no, only the separation of ownership and management of scenic spots, scenic resources ownership, supervision right is still in government hands. Based on this consideration, Yueyang has issued a "Hunan city tourist attractions management rights transfer Investment Notice", the start of foreign cooperation, Yunnan city investment company is one of the 19 registration units. At present, Yueyang and Yunnan City Investment Corporation and other registration units are still in the docking stage, neither by the municipal Party Committee Standing Committee decided to study, there is no formal cooperation agreement signed, but did not landing implementation. In addition, Yueyang City Tourism Foreign Affairs Office said, will listen to opinions from all sides, according to the law to do related work, accelerate the development of tourism in Yueyang to promote the afterburner.相关的主题文章: