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Nanjing 39 year old police Zhang Daiqing heart ill at work at 8 yesterday morning, Nanjing City Buddhist temple funeral dirge keyed, elegiac couplet hung. Only 39 years old, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau of Economic Development Zone, director of the command room Zhang Daiqing remains farewell ceremony held here. September 18th, the first working day after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Zhang Daiqing fell on the job. Yesterday, Zhang Daiqing’s relatives, friends, colleagues and police on behalf of more than and 300 people spontaneously came to see him off. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Ning Gongxuan Ji Yuxuan had his two day continuous overtime, holidays without a break in September 18th 9 in the morning, in Nanjing City Public Security Bureau, we are preparing for the meeting, the deployment of a new round of work colleagues found that Zhang Daiqing has always been busy preparing the command room director not to open the conference room, colleagues Zhang Daiqing has seen his office door, dressed in police uniforms, lying in a dilapidated small sofa near the ground, has been unconscious. Colleagues rushed him to the hospital, after more than an hour of rescue, Zhang Daiqing finally failed to rescue. After diagnosis, sudden heart disease claimed he was only 39 years old young life, his life in the last moment, forever fixed in their jobs. "He’s too young, working in the public security front is 20 years, so suddenly gone, so sad, sorry." Nanjing Economic Development Zone Public Security Bureau Director Diao Pinzhong said he choked several times. "He’s too hard at work. He’s too tired." Nanjing Economic Development Zone, Xingang police station said that September 17th is the week Xiao, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday third days, on the morning of 8 pm, and met Zhang Daiqing in the five floor of the Public Security Bureau Zhou Xiao Washroom wash. Know Xiaocai weeks later, September 16th, Zhang Qing Dai value a day class, had a good rest at night, second days still in the unit to work overtime. Diao Pinzhong and the office of the director of the office of Zhang Daiqing’s door. September 17th early in the morning, Diao Pinzhong saw Zhang Daiqing came to the unit, "you yesterday on duty, is not arranged for you to rest today?" "I have to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting." Diao director said: "I usually never arranged for him to work overtime, but I always see him in overtime." "365 days a year, at least 340 days in the work of Zhang Daiqing in 1997 graduated from the Department of the people’s police officer Chinese China University majoring in Chinese language and literature, after graduation to enter the police team, assigned to the Nanjing Economic Development Zone Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade. "At that time, branch police rarely, he is one of the few trained young police, a person doing a few people live." Nanjing Economic Development Zone Public Security Bureau Security brigade instructor Wang Lei said, Zhang Daiqing is not only the job well done, and the text level is high, in 2003 he was transferred to the branch secretary. Development Zone Branch was established at the beginning, Zhang Daiqing shared technology, legal, cashier and many other work, but also responsible for police work, but he worked hard, always rushed in the hard line. According to the Nanjing Economic Development Zone Public Security Bureau police command room Huo Lishen recalled earlier this month, Zhang Daiqing unwell, sustained high fever, due to the critical period of security summit at G20, he insisted on his work. Remember that Zhang Daiqing had a fever, and even talk gold相关的主题文章: