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Zhang Hongbo solo exhibition "fictional landscape" opened at 3 p.m. on November 12, 2016, the exhibition of the works of Zhang Hongbo, "the landscape of the imagination" in the opening of the art zone of the 798 Art district. The exhibition by the famous critic Yang Wei as curator. Artist Zhang Hongbo curator Yang Wei said: in recent years, artist Zhang Hongbo resign hermitage, immersed in their own studio, almost in a closed state, the creation of a number of landscape paintings. This is somewhat unexpected. Because Zhang Hongbo was an artist who was keen on the trend, he was at the forefront of contemporary art, and had a lot of sensitive social and practical problems. But is such a swift current artists, how would suddenly walk away, away from the noise and commotion, back to the quiet studio, to capture and mining the traditional painting? Obviously, this is related to Zhang Hongbo’s experience, but also shows his maturity in art. As a former avant-garde painter, contemporary art Chinese experienced turbulent, also can make a prosperous and floating one, now go away, back to the traditional imagination, is also hoping to return its own ideas, looking for their own more solid cultural roots. Guests took guests posed for Zhang Hongbo is one of the earliest artists in Beijing, representatives of the Old Summer Palace period. The growth process of this generation, and experienced the cultural revolution and the reform and opening up two times, inside there are many turbulent factors also have a strong sense of rebellion. Zhang Hongbo who concentrated rebel factor of this generation, although he was already admitted to the Beijing school from Guizhou, became the central Academy of Fine Arts (now Tsinghua student). But he did not take the initiative to give up national security duty, assignment, after graduating from Beijing that he is wandering, freedom temperament and rebellious spirit. Zhang Hongbo is the starting point of art, after that period began in North Old Summer Palace. In his early works, Zhang Hongbo showed some extreme distortion of the human body, as the form of primitive plants totem, and like the city drainage pipeline, in short, works with a surreal, reflects his dissatisfaction with reality, and not with the same flow and ningba. Guests posed for a photo of the guests posed for a group of photos of the society at that time, just experienced a movement, the reality of the harsh and backward, so many people lost confidence in the reform. Most of the artists of Old Summer Palace, are thus breaking a secure job, and break the system. However, although on the whole, the Old Summer Palace artist presents a collective consciousness of rebellion, but rebel path and artistic way of each artist, are different: some people do some in abstract art; expressionism; some exploration of comprehensive material painting; or others to let things drift way of life art…… One of the most famous is the Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, and others, such as the representative of the "play the world of realism", as the representative of the reality of the world, and so on". Zhang Hongbo’s works, also with some sense of absurdity and deconstruction, but not "play" so thoroughly. This is related to his character and to his value identity. In fact, at the same time, Zhang Hongbo also created novels and poems, but also as a poet.相关的主题文章: