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Zhang Ruimin this sentence in Zhou Xin duly completed here! – market dynamics – Shenzhen Locke net?? although is not the first time the capital operation event, Zhou Xin was very nervous. A little wind can not be revealed." He was dead. ?? After all, to participate in the performance will come not in Yu Liang in the teeth of the storm are rushed to the Yi, the 16 anniversary of Li Sze Lim, Xia Haijun, Chen Zhuolin, on the road, Lin Lin Tengjiao, even always make their own "sale" of Sun Hongbin, but also to the platform. ?? Everyone thinks this is a view of the old man’s birthday concert ladder, only bigwigs knew that Trinidad appointment for business. ?? Yi Chinese will privatization, integration of enjoysmart agent and CRIC reorganization in the new home, the stocks tide tide back is not surprising. But Zhou Xin ambition is clearly more: 16 enterprises and investment company shares, the future is no longer a real cooperation between Party A and Party B, after all in the same boat. In the list of shares, both long-term base friends Hengda, Vanke, R & F, Xu Hui, there are capital cloud fund, Ji Yuan capital, rock capital. Monetary easing, shortage of assets is not only a sense of urgency in the hands of people who buy. The influx of capital makes the development of enterprises have tens of billions of Yuan lying on the account, and it sold a house carido urgency millions almost, how to give money for a better way is the common anxiety. Euclid brothers just won the Chinese king, Shanghai, Xiamen have announced the suspension of land transfer, it is simply a way out of the investment. ?? This is probably the cleverness of Zhou xin. Since everyone is looking for a way out, it’s better for me to give you a bar! ?? In early 2015, the privatization decision open letter to all employees of the Yi he mentioned that privatization is not a simple Chinese in capital movements, but in the Chinese into an important power of a new journey. "It is in the current global and Chinese capital market environment and China real estate development new stage background, in order to better the future development of Yi China, we carefully considered decision." This year’s economic trend also confirms this point. Loose monetary policy to bring housing prices in recent years, the most relaxed capital situation, the continuous decline in the real economy has become more narrow channel assets. A thriving real estate industry has attracted a large influx of capital, the real estate industry is in the stock market up billows. Besides, this is a win-win deal. 16 of housing prices and investment company shares can get lucrative return on assets, through cooperation and China E-House equity prices to achieve binding line. ?? And general stocks, as a stake in the main business and Chinese Yi agency CRIC, is the traditional industry and products in the. In 2009 the real estate sector Bloomberg concept NASDAQ sign the letter, of which the main business CRIC at present in the market transaction data and domestic research in ranking. Enjoysmart agency business in the East China market with thousands of people in the team, sit tight in the top spot. Is there no match?. Occupy Southern China market also experienced and steady LaSalle bank to seek a breakthrough in the Central Plains real estate, are quietly competing. In fact already in A shares.相关的主题文章: