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Zhang Ruoyun "sky fire" no substitute acting director Mrs. Conquest – Sohu entertainment starring Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Amber Kuo [see] Sohu (HD Photo entertainment news video on the Sen month Xuan reflection map) in November 13th, directed by the famous director Ringo Lam, producer of the week Qiliang action blockbuster "crime cupola fire" premiere held a press conference in beijing. At the press conference the same day, the film director Lam articles "metrosexual man goddess" Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, Daniel Wu group, Amber Kuo, Chang Hsiao Chuan debut, the film really hit really hit the burning explosion action is highly rated by many of the audience, which is a Ruoyun exposes in the studio is not a substitute, completely real play. In the movie is finished, Mrs. Zhang director Ringo Lam announced a Ruoyun fan, Zhang Ruoyun tanshou said "the lower part of the film director may take me to play dead." Zhang Ruoyun’s collaboration with Amber Kuo       premiere at the conference site, a "fire up" trailer is look after the intuitive feel "director Ringo Lam destroyed the car addiction, real scene, playing really really hit the irritation of the picture to attract everybody’s attention, a speed and the life and death of close collision. Questions in the premiere conference, described the original director Ringo Lam and process of preparation for this work from a professional point of view, and to share in the filming process of the most satisfactory plot with all the people, for the film in five starring in a personal battle action attitude is much appreciated. Daniel Wu said "Zong Tianbao" the character itself has a sense of justice makes him "". Zhang Jingchu is a change in the literary image of the past, in a bold challenge to break the film". For the first time to shock the big screen is the incarnation of "revenge little meat, in difficult personal battle action, also let Zhang Ruoyun feel very challenging. In addition, Zhang Ruoyun, Amber Kuo, three, who also revealed that the film will be staged in a hazy triangular love affair in the film, the". Humble self proclaimed "Daniel Wu fan brothers" Zhang Ruoyun called for "little meat", also expressed his understanding: "I think I was a young actor, now the young actor has a name called little meat, can in fact be, but still hope that we look to distinguish the role to film. I hope you can give up some of the people in the film like" nickname "rather than to me." Zhang Ruoyun nearly two years of work constantly, recently just in forensic Qin in the outstanding performance. The first time on the big screen on the suction powder director lady, "he heavy-hearted", because in Lam said the matter also very surprised, I’m afraid the next time he retired director of the film to be set to play dead". Zhang Ruoyun explained that different people see "towering fire" is not the same angle, in addition to fierce fighting performance of trailer, there are a lot of delicate emotions, "this movie is very diverse." It is reported that the film "towering fire" is also a continuation of the usual "director Ringo Lam really hit really hit the filming style, there are many shooting, melee fight, speed rush and other exciting unarmed and shocking picture, is a typical works of Lam style. Several starring Daniel Wu, Zhang Jing相关的主题文章: