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Women’s little Zhao Ruirui, had grown too beautiful, was asked to strip the detection of gender – Sports Sohu filed Chinese women’s beauty, many people will think of Zhao Ruirui, but in fact, in recent years, there is a player known as little Zhao Ruirui, whether it is color value, physical quality, or technical play, and some like Zhao Ruirui. Xue Ming, born in 1987, 1997, 10 year old Xue Ming started practicing volleyball, in 2001, she was 14 years old with a good physical condition in Beijing women’s volleyball team, in 2003, she became the Beijing team lineup, the same year was elected to the national youth team, and work with his team-mates had won Yaqingsai champion and World Championship runner up. 2005, Xue Ming finally achieved a leap in the cause, when only 18 years old, Xue Ming was recruited into the national team, but because of the strength of the weak, at the beginning of the women’s volleyball team has been in the edge of the state of the state of the world, and then, on the other hand, it was not until the age of. Nevertheless, Xue Ming did not give up, she was in the daily exercise of their own to add class, while strengthening their own strength, but also pay special attention to improve the skills of Xue Ming. Her hard work has finally been rewarded, after the reorganization of the national team in 2007, the Chinese women’s volleyball team focused on training her in a series of competitions to allow them to take exercise. Xue Ming and Wei Qiuyue’s former fastball Peigemoqi, the success rate is high. But in 2008 the Beijing Olympic Games, at the back of the main and the veteran Feng Kun Zhao Ruirui’s return, Xue Ming gradually gave way at back, back quickly Mawen, become a substitute. After the Beijing Olympic Games, Xue Ming gradually become the Chinese women’s volleyball team. In order to prepare for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the new season of the National Women’s Volleyball League, Chinese volleyball sports management center arrangement Xue Ming from relegation last year to move to Beijing Yanjing women’s volleyball Champions Tianjin women’s volleyball team, which is not difficult to see the top pass to her attention, more adept in cooperation with the Tianjin team Xue Ming and team mate Wei Qiuyue, which also laid the the foundation for a stable position of her national team. During the race to Thailand, had been too beautiful, and was asked to take off clothes to detect sex, but also because it is in Thailand! I believe we all know, Xue Ming also said very helpless. This is perhaps the Chinese women’s volleyball team in overseas competition when the most funny thing to do it! And Xue Ming said at the time: is also very afraid that they will be stripped of clothing for inspection. Because of injuries, Xue Ming retired in 2013, retired after her transformation in business, business shop also operates a greenhouse to the theme of the hostel. Xue Ming also became the landlord of a short lease. At the opening ceremony, Xue Ming’s husband first exposure, it is reported that two people in the June 2015 licensing, the wedding will be held in March 2016. Xue Ming’s husband named Zong Dian, is a director of cctv. According to Xue Ming revealed that the two are friends, has been known for seven years, but only half a year together. Height of 1 meters of the Pope Xue Ming shorter than 13 cm, which Xue Ming said: "he does not care about height, I do not care about," said. I have such a high wife Dora the wind!" Xue Ming had said he wanted to find someone bigger than his marriage, I did not expect to play the last love相关的主题文章: