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Zhejiang ranked first China early rice yield record – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, August 31, (Fang Kun) 31 reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of agriculture, Zhejiang province in 2016 rice average yield of 426 kg, than the 2015 increase of 39 kg, higher than the national average increase of 37 kg per mu, ranked first, and the highest in Zhejiang the average yield of early rice highs, the highest average yield higher than 8 kg. 2016 Zhejiang rice single capacity for success, in addition to the policy of promoting and more favorable weather conditions, and the application and promotion of the production of rice new varieties and new technology are inseparable. It is reported that, in recent years, Zhejiang Province on yield increase and increase efficiency and the increase of the target, and vigorously promote the rice transplanting seedling and seedling disc stack technology, "two strong" high "cultivation techniques, early sowing and early planting production technology, promote early transplanting technology, disease insect green control technology. The main promotion of early rice varieties in early 39, zhongjiazao 17 super rice varieties, promote the rice with high yield and high efficiency, green unity, significant benefits are gained. Zhejiang in addition to green high yield and efficient construction and high yield project as the starting point, but also set up a number of can see, can learn the demonstration base. Zhejiang province in 2016 to create a piece of 39 acres of demonstration provincial rice and 7 acres of research, the per mu yield than last year increased by more than 10%. Especially in Zhejiang city of Zhuji Province town down the mountain village of early rice high-yielding new orange acres and research fields, both the agriculture of Zhejiang broke the record, 105 acres of rice "in early 39, the average yield reached 713.48 kg, the average yield of rice acres party for the first time exceeded 700 kilograms, of which 1.576 acres of research the field average yield of 747.85 kg. (end)

浙江早稻单产位居中国第一 创历史新高-中新网   中新网杭州8月31日电 (方堃)记者31日从浙江省农业厅了解到,2016年浙江省早稻平均亩产为426公斤,比2015年增39公斤,比全国平均亩产增37公斤,位居第一,并创浙江早稻平均亩产历史新高,比历史最高平均亩产高了8公斤。   浙江2016年早稻单产能取得佳绩,除了政策推动和较为有利的天气条件外,与该省早稻生产新品种、新技术的应用和推广是分不开的。   据悉,近几年来,浙江省围绕单产提高、效益增加和粮农增收的目标,大力推广早稻机插秧基质育苗和“叠盘出苗”技术、“两壮两高”栽培技术、早播早栽促早熟增产技术、机插秧技术、病虫绿色防控技术等,早稻品种主要推广中早39、中嘉早17等超级稻品种,促进了早稻高产、高效、绿色相统一,取得了显著的应用成效。   浙江除了以绿色高产高效创建和高产攻关项目为抓手,还建立了一批可看、可学的示范基地。2016年浙江省创建了省级早稻千亩示范片39个和百亩攻关方7个,亩产均比上年增10%以上。   特别是浙江省诸暨市山下湖镇新桔城村早稻高产攻关百亩方和攻关田,双双打破了浙江农业之最纪录,105亩早稻“中早39”,平均亩产达到713.48公斤,为该省早稻百亩方平均亩产首次突破700公斤,其中1.576亩攻关田平均亩产达到747.85公斤。(完)相关的主题文章: