[Zhejiang] Hengdian Temple people such as weaving, light like day and night fish dance



was little, read a poem from a Book: the adjacent wall spin play entertainment guest wine, Qi Song poetry at the age of the child, since it is particularly preferred this Spring Festival holiday, the preference of firecrackers and lively festive red eyes. The annual Spring Festival of Hengdian film and Television City temple fair, but also because of its high degree of reduction of the ancient temple scene, has become an annual project to go. Where, in the ten The Strip colorful lanterns, roadside hawkers Tomatoes on sticks, asparagus crisp, is playing Ma Ci, stone lanterns and Soybean Milk reeky, red silk stretches beneath the gallery of the royal style, dragon flag over the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace, inserted dance streamers, patrol floats, welcome the God of wealth, bustling crowd, warm cries, in which people like to walk into a bustling prosperity, in a joy, new year, waiting for the arrival of another year.

: Jiangnan temple The Strip flower market light as day, smile Ying spring

South Temple is located in Hengdian large night film theme park dream Valley Scenic Area in the south of the Yangtze River after the horse home, tens of thousands of colorful lanterns and red lanterns hanging in the streets of water alternating.

Ou Yangxiu has a poem: the flower market light as day, when the night to pull down the curtain, the crowd in the lights shine under the gentle, gloom, the story came the patrol rode Malaysia press his swing in the bosom filled with justice, just remember the flower girl and rich gentleman romantic encounter the peddler, hidden behind the others with a glib tongue relief and honest and good, they crossed by the Hengdian scene, a small story that Longshehunza era little joys and sorrows of the enemy’s people in similar situations, and they have experience of life and.

remove the story in a strong role play, folk acrobatics is essential for lively opening: Dragon Fire stilts handsome, lovely and funny play, shadow play, every kind of iron, from Hebei Wuqiao traditional acrobatic juggling people seem to return to the ride in father’s neck to crowd together childhood at that time, those that do not have to spend big money can make people happy all day, sugar, straw and mud doll raree show no surprise in Hengdian temple, childhood food and toys were younger children warm looting in Hengdian busy temple, this sense of pride is the same and this Chinese the most important festival in the generations of inheritance;