Zheng Xu high-speed railway opened operations China’s high-speed rail mileage of 20 thousand zngay

Zheng Xu high-speed railway operations   Chinese high-speed railway operating mileage exceeded 20 thousand kilometers — Finance — people.com.cn Zheng Xugao iron officially opened operations in Beijing in September 12, people.com.cn (Jia Xingpeng) in September 10th, with the G1908 high-speed rail trains from Zhengzhou east station at 6:31, Xu Zheng (state) (state) official opening of the high-speed rail operation, mark a China high-speed railway operating mileage exceeded 20 thousand kilometers. Zheng Xu high-speed rail length of 362 kilometers, passing through Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu three provinces, a total of 9 stations, is "part of Xu LAN Passenger Line Eastern National long-term railway network planning" in the "four vertical and four horizontal one. It opened the connection in the eastern part of the two high speed rail lines and Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway and the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, and will connect in the construction of high speed railway, high speed railway and Ji Zheng Zheng together high-speed, the formation of Middle East China intensive high-speed rail network, give full play to the role of railway in advancing the "Belt and Road Initiative" important role in the construction of service guarantee. Zheng Xu high-speed railway, Zhengzhou to Xuzhou time is shortened from 3 hours to 80 minutes, so that the formation of the Central Plains Economic Zone Economic Zone, Yangtze River Delta and the East Longhai area within 4 hours of the exchange of "circle of friends", promote the integration and development of regional economy. With Zheng Xu high-speed railway, Chinese early planning "four vertical and four horizontal high-speed rail network has been basically formed. To the north, South to the "Manchuria" "tropical rainforest", the East Sea, Gobi to the west, there are "bullet" figure. Zheng Xu high-speed rail design speed of 350 km per hour, the initial operating speed of 300 km. After the operation, from Zhengzhou to Xuzhou to shorten the journey to 1.5 hours or so, Zhengzhou to shorten the journey to about 4 hours. China railway company responsible person, Zheng Xu high-speed rail and has been operating in the Zheng Xi, West Po, Lanzhou high-speed rail and the construction of BOLN high iron, a new high standard and large capacity of the Eurasian Continental Bridge Transportation Corridor, and connectivity has been operating in the Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail, high speed railway network in China to further improve the time and space greatly shorten the distance in the western region of China and the Middle East "". According to the latest release of the medium and long term railway network plan, by 2025, China’s railway network will reach about 175 thousand km, of which about 38 thousand km high-speed rail, more than doubled by the end of 2015. By 2030, the basic realization of internal and external interconnection, inter regional multi channel, the provincial capital of high-speed rail connectivity, fast access to the city, the basic coverage of the county. It is reported that Zheng Xu high-speed railway built by six Railway Bureau Construction company. (commissioning editor Jia Xingpeng and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: