Zhengzhou in the third quarter of the supply and demand report released manufacturing jobs midd-885

Zhengzhou supply and demand report released third quarter occupation manufacturing industry to provide more jobs drawing Zheng Meng Henan Daily reporter Li Heng Zhengzhou human resources market in the third quarter of 2016 occupation supply and demand report released, the number of positions increased slightly reduced, growth is obvious, the number of job registration and down the chain has been reduced, job seekers employment pressure becomes small. Henan Daily reporter noted that the supply of jobs is stable, the number of job seekers has decreased, large gap positions, with manual workers, marketing and sales staff, technical personnel security personnel, computer engineering blue collar. [] is the small and medium-sized enterprises recruit big third quarter of 2016, Zhengzhou city occupation introduction two human resources market center is organized recruitment of 24 games, including a large 6 special recruitment field, comprehensive recruitment 18, 1423 enterprises to provide all kinds of jobs 93847. Data show that the proportion of the number of industry demand is basically stable. Compared with the third quarter of last year, a decrease of job seekers, the number of job seekers decreased by 7183 people in. From the supply and demand of statistical data, according to the number of demand of the industry group, manufacturing jobs accounted for more than 1/5 of the entire industry, in the first row, wholesale and retail jobs proportion followed. Leasing and business services, accommodation and catering industry accounted for more than 1/10 of the proportion of the industry, the industry has always been the largest demand in the job market. Zhengzhou human resources market relevant person in charge, with the employer’s economic type and recruitment site, most companies are small and medium enterprises, so the employment market with the subject or the small and medium-sized enterprise. Job recruitment to low skilled jobs based on specific to the human resources market, jobs with low skilled jobs, taking into account the various skill level talents, monthly wages and job skills is proportional to the level, but mainly concentrated in the 3000 yuan ~4000 yuan. Is the kind of position, as the most common species, in general, technical and sales personnel, the minority belongs to the emerging post. The responsible person said, in general, the recruitment situation is relatively stable, the kind of position and the number of jobs changed little, recruitment form of the development of network and information to the trend, the number of jobs will be gradually increased with the extended release channels. [job] transferred to the unemployed more than half of the total number of job seekers in Henan Daily reporter noted that the 24 job fair a total of 24293 people apply for registration. From the data point of view, a slight decrease in the number of jobs in the third quarter compared to the same period, the chain growth is more obvious, the number of job seekers and the chain has decreased. The number of reasons for job seekers to reduce the number of job seekers is the employment pressure becomes smaller, or the human resources market for college graduates to apply for a small peak phenomenon is not obvious? Zhengzhou human resources market relevant person in charge, according to the actual situation of the human resources market, the third quarter recruitment sessions reduced to statistics)相关的主题文章: