Zhuzhou, a woman encouraged by her husband for 12 years to donate blood for 99 times (video) splitit

Zhuzhou, a woman in her husband encouraged to donate blood for 12 years, the original title: Zhuzhou women donate blood for the 99 time, Tian Ying, aged 56, has a history of blood donation for the past 12 years. Currently, she has donated 99 times, the total amount of blood donation 58 thousand ml, equivalent to the total amount of blood in 11 adults. Today, she is the Zhuzhou women’s blood donation champion. Under the influence of her husband Hou Jingming, in April 2004, Tian Ying began her blood donation. When she was young, she was a little afraid of blood donation". Later heard that blood donation can save the patient’s life, he secretly determined. Every time a blood, the husband will praise me, and encourage me to do voluntary blood donation propaganda, unknowingly this offer is 12 years." With the increase of age, relatives and friends began to worry about her body, Tian Ying said: "I go to the countryside when the educated youth, the body is very good, the state can offer blood to 60 years old, I still have a long way to go." In order to allow more people to join the red cause, Tian Ying has become a spokesman for the voluntary blood donation". As long as there is time, wearing a red vest she will go to the blood donation House help, unriddling for blood donors. In July 2015, the Zhuzhou Red Cross blood donation service brigade general election, Tian Ying as director of the office of the successful competition volunteer blood donation. Every Monday, three, five, she went to the station volunteer office, weekdays to blood points to do volunteer service. Under her leadership, almost every day there are volunteers wearing red vests for services in all blood donors. Tian Ying also won the Chinese Red Cross awarded the medal of life and a series of honors. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Shen Hao correspondent Zhou Wuwang) video recommendation: female sanitation workers 72 donation is equivalent to 5 of all adult blood for 14 years相关的主题文章: